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International recruitments in the US

International recruitments in the US

International recruitments in the US are a challenge for many companies.

International recruitments in the US are a challenging task for many companies. Recent years brought a very dynamic development of Polish companies on international markets.

Our agency is increasingly often approached by companies seriously considering expanding into Western markets. One of the biggest challenges for such companies is to acquire a competent representative in the United States of America. In the very beginning, the company was satisfied with just a distributor. Then another question is often asked. “How would our business develop if we had a Business Development Manager in the US market? Or maybe it would be better to have our own company, which would be managed by a competent person from the local market? A person who knows the local culture and would be able to create a well-functioning team? Additionally, someone who would fit in with our Polish headquarters, owners or management team?”.

This is why most companies come to us first with a need to recruit a Business Development Manager, Country Manager, Country Head, General Manager, and Sales Director.

Key success factors.

Due to the difference in time zones between the different states within the USA, in addition,due to the time difference between the USA and Poland, a well-chosen local manager is critical to the success of the venture/expansion.

This type of recruitment cannot be done effectively by working only with a Polish consultant/recruiter. The risk of failure is too high. For such a task, you need firstly a mature, local consultant grounded in the local reality. Secondly, someone who has been observing the market for many years. Moreover, a consultant who will be able to assess how valuable the specific candidate’s achievements are. Ideally, it should be a consultant working in an agency with many years of recruitment experience.
Additionally, someone who knows the specifics of the given sector and market very well. Finally, a consultant who will guide through the meanders of local law consult the necessary remuneration budget compared to the expected competencies. The consultant who will answer the questions of the Polish company in a content-related manner.

Under the influence of such inquiries from business clients, we found a solution. Within International Executive Search Federation, we approach each company and business task individually. We select the most suitable International Consultant for the given recruitment project. Today we would like to introduce Steve Hall, who will probably represent you if you ask us about a recruitment consultation in the USA.

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