Successsful Recruitment of Chief Accountants

My Experiences and Challenges

My experience in recruiting Chief Accountants spans working with companies of various sizes, from small businesses to international corporations. I am proud to say that many of my candidates have not only successfully taken up positions but have also significantly improved the financial efficiency of their companies.

One might think that recruitment is like any other, but for an experienced recruiter, this professional group has its own specifics that must be understood and appreciated.

Chief Accountants are professional and responsible managers characterized by precision, analytical skills, knowledge of regulations, and management abilities. When communicating with them, it is essential to emphasize clarity, professionalism, data and facts, and openness. This approach helps build effective relationships and collaboration with this professional group.

The search process for this position is particularly demanding, and as a recruiter specializing in this area, I have faced many challenges that have taught me how to effectively conduct this process.

A key step is to establish customer expectations regarding the profile of the person sought. Understanding the realities of the market is critical to estimating the chances of finding a suitable candidate.

Open and substantive communication with the client is the foundation for success and further search.

And also:
Candidates for the position of Chief Accountant expect specific and precise information on the terms of cooperation. It is extremely important for them to have solid conversations about future prospects and benefits. No puzzles or vagueness will attract a good candidate.

What to Know Before Starting the Search?

Several key aspects should be considered:

  • Candidate Availability: Chief Accountant candidates are available at specific times of the year, often after the completion of significant reporting periods, such as the end of the financial year or settlement periods.
  • Location Importance: Stability and proximity of residence to the workplace are significant for them. Often, this is one of the first questions a candidate for this position asks, determining the direction of further conversations.
  • Trust and Confidentiality: Chief Accountants often exhibit more distrust compared to other specialists. Their social media profiles tend to be anonymous or non-existent. Building trust and demonstrating professionalism at every stage of recruitment is crucial.
  • Transparent Communication: Honesty and transparency in conversations with candidates are key in the recruitment process. Providing details of the offer and real challenges the future employee will face is our primary duty. No one, like an accountant, dislikes “skeletons in the closet” that were not communicated beforehand.

These are often unique recruitments that escape the template of classic searches.


Recruiting for manufactruring company in a small town in Poland

the location of a potential workplace may be distant from larger agglomerations, affecting candidate availability. In such cases, strategic approaches and creative solutions become necessary. Remote work, attractive salaries, or other offer advantages can attract candidates despite location difficulties. This requires ingenuity, unconventional actions, perseverance, and a partnership relationship with the client.

Second example

Recruitment for a Government Institution

The offer was met with great interest, especially among candidates from the commercial market. It seemed to be a sweetheart because of its great location, interesting industry and providing a lot of freedom of action. And even the difference in salary versus the commercial market was not the former obstacle. The process proceeded briskly in a friendly atmosphere, yet….. Ultimately, a candidate was hired, and after a month the cooperation ended. It turned out that we, as recruiters, had not received all the key information about the conditions under which the newly hired person would work. The department was conflicted and reluctant to accept a new person; an outdated accounting system and pervasive resistance to even the simplest changes and entitlements. The hired candidate was not ready for this, and there was a lack of information about the realities that the hired person would face. A re-brief with the client and an open conversation made it possible to hire the right candidate for the position, who is still working today.

This example shows how important open communication with the client is from the very beginning. It is clear that no one likes to talk about their weaknesses, but how much disappointment can be saved for oneself and others.

One should always remember!

  • Due to the reluctance of accountants to use social media, it is often necessary to use variety of recruitment tools, available only to experienced and resourceful recruiters. Therefore, I apply advanced headhunting techniques and modern recruitment tools. I usually conduct searches in a multi-truck manner, using different platforms and strategies to achieve the best results.
  • Understanding the specifics of the industry is key – a Chief Accountant in a manufacturing company needs different competencies than one in a technology company.
  • Using a variety of tools, such as interviews, competency tests, which will assess both the substantive and soft skills of candidates. The Chief Accountant not only oversees financial operations and manages the team, but also works with other departments and advises the board.
  • Transparent Communication is a key part of my job. I maintain open and collaborative communication with clients as well as candidates. Regular progress reporting and providing feedback after each interview help to make informed decisions.


Recruiting a Chief Accountant is not only a process of finding the right candidate, but also the art of combining talent with the company’s mission and values.

As an experienced recruiter, I know that the key to success is to match the person with an organization where he or she will be able to thrive and contribute to its growth. This is a challenge that requires passion, precision and a deep understanding of the market.

Transparency and commitment are essential elements of successful recruitment for the position of Chief Accountant.


Agata Kostrubiec, Senior Project Manager, NAJ International

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