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IESF International Executive Search Federation (IESF)

The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) is a group of professional and independent recruitment companies in 40 countries. Their aim is to provide excellent services and local knowledge to businesses and organizations in any industry and location. With 130 offices globally, they are the largest retained executive search group in the world. They collaborate across borders to ensure that all assignments are executed with the highest quality and professionalism.

IESF’s success is built on values, principles, a strategic roadmap, and a dedicated team of member firms. Through continuous exchange of knowledge, well-defined processes, and structured working relationships, they help businesses with recruitment services in all regions of the world, including developing countries.

They work in 12 focused industries, including

  1. Agri Business,
  2. Apparel & Luxury,
  3. Industry, Banking,
  4. Financial & Business Services,
  5. Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences,
  6. Construction & Infrastructure,
  7. Energy & Environment,
  8. Oil & Gas,
  9. Retail & FMCG,
  10. IT & Technology,
  11. Leadership & Board Services,
  12. Logistics & Transport.

With deep experience across industries, they bring their clients the knowledge and skills they need. They can assist businesses in recruitment processes in Poland, CEE, EMEA, and globally.

NAJ International it is the Exclusive Partner of the IESF in Poland

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