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Unlocking International Growth: A Case Study in Strategic Talent Acquisition

Unlocking International Growth: A Case Study in Strategic Talent Acquisition

Unlocking International Growth: A Case Study in Strategic Talent Acquisition

As the global marketplace evolves, businesses are constantly seeking avenues for expansion into new territories. However, the journey towards international growth is often fraught with challenges, particularly when it comes to securing the right leadership talent to drive success in foreign markets. A recent success story from Stertil, a leading company in the industrial sector, illuminates how strategic talent acquisition through the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) can pave the way for seamless international expansion.

Stertil was at a pivotal juncture in its growth trajectory, poised to enter the US, German, and French markets. However, the success of this expansion hinged upon the recruitment of top-tier General Managers who could spearhead operations in these critical regions. Recognizing the strategic importance of these leadership roles, Marcel Jansen, Commercial Director of Stertil, turned to the expertise of the IESF network to navigate the complex landscape of international recruitment.

The challenge

The challenge was clear: finding General Managers who not only possessed the requisite skills and experience but also aligned closely with Stertil’s vision for global expansion. In partnership with the IESF Netherlands member, Van der Groep & Olsthoorn, Stertil embarked on a collaborative journey to identify and secure the right candidates for their international subsidiaries.

The solution

The solution lay in leveraging the extensive IESF network, which spans across the globe and comprises trusted recruitment partners in various countries. Through this network, Stertil gained access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates, ensuring that each potential General Manager was thoroughly vetted and aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. The collaborative efforts of Van der Groep & Olsthoorn were instrumental in orchestrating the search process, seamlessly bridging cultural and geographical barriers to facilitate cross-border recruitment.

The outcome

The outcome of this partnership was nothing short of remarkable. By harnessing the collective resources of the IESF network, Stertil successfully filled key General Manager positions in their US, German, and French subsidiaries. The newly appointed leaders brought with them not only the requisite expertise but also a deep understanding of the local markets, enabling Stertil to navigate nuances and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Marcel Jansen’s endorsement of the IESF network speaks volumes about the transformative impact of strategic talent acquisition on business growth. Through this collaboration, Stertil not only addressed immediate recruitment needs but also laid a strong foundation for sustained success in international markets.

The key takeaways from this success story resonate deeply with businesses embarking on similar expansion journeys:

1. Strategic Talent Acquisition: IESF enables companies to source candidates who not only possess the right skills but also align with the company’s vision for international market penetration.

2. Global Reach, Local Expertise: The extensive network of vetted recruitment companies within IESF ensures access to local insights on a global scale, crucial for navigating diverse markets.

3. Collaborative Success: The role of trusted partners like Van der Groep & Olsthoorn in coordinating the search process underscores the value of IESF membership in facilitating seamless cross-border recruitment.

4. Endorsement: Marcel Jansen’s endorsement of IESF reflects the tangible benefits and value that the network brings to businesses seeking to make international hires.

At NAJ International Poland, we are committed to fostering business growth in Poland through strategic talent acquisition. By leveraging our partnership with IESF, we empower businesses to unlock their full potential on the global stage, one successful placement at a time.

Client success story: Stertil expands Internationally with IESF