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Recruitments for Agro Sector

Recruitments for Agro Sector

Recruitments for Agro Sector

Poland is one of the largest producers and exporters of agri-food products in the European Union.

Approximately 80% of Polish agri-food exports reach consumers’ tables in EU countries. In recent years, Polish agriculture and processing have been modernized and adapted to EU production standards regarding quality, food safety and environmental impact. The pandemic caused great stagnation in many industries, including agriculture. Due to COVID-19, the situation in the markets was disrupted. The epidemic’s effects, such as the sharp drop in farmgate prices and increased business costs due to the disruption of supply chains, have become a big problem.

One of the economy’s biggest challenges is organic farming.

It is an alternative to conventional agriculture and has a massive environmental impact. Organic farming is a response to environmental threats and an instrument for the sustainable development of the agricultural economy. The leading roles of organic farming are: to protect animal and plant species diversity, combat climate change and, above all, protect the environment.

An important sector in the agro-industry is livestock breeding, which has a long tradition in Poland. One of the primary needs of this sector is the constant need to modernize the infrastructure and farming methods.

Closely linked are livestock breeding and meat export opportunities with the condition of feed producers.

The segments below play a decisive role in the agro-industry:

  • feed production
  • oil industry
  • milling
  • grain storage
  • domestic and international trade in cereals and feedstuffs
  • the biofuel industry

The war between Russia and Ukraine has had a colossal effect on global feed prices. Both countries are among the world’s largest grain producers. The drop in imports of wheat, oil, maize, sunflower and rapeseed meal from Ukraine has not gone unnoticed, particularly for feed prices and the EU food industry.

High market prices and inflationary trends resulting from the war in Ukraine make global food affordability a significant concern for the EU.

We have worked with agro Clients for years and understand their needs very well. This, combined with up-to-date industry knowledge, allows us to support our customers.

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