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References Media Advertisement Entertainment

References Media Advertisement Entertainment

References Media Advertisement Entertainment

Some profiles of companies and references in the Media Advertisement Entertainment sector. When checking out a recruitment and consultancy company, Clients would like to know about the agency’s experience in the area they are interested in. To respond to this demand and, at the same time, to preserve the confidentiality conditions we have in our contracts with Clients, we have prepared sample profiles of our Clients in the Media Advertisement Entertainment sector and sample job titles for which we have carried out recruitment in this sector.


Nationality of the company and area of operation

American premium television company.
American Madialian Concern.
Television station, which is owned by a U.S. media conglomerate
American media corporation.
US-owned television broadcaster in Poland.
French event management company.
Greek television station owned by a Greek media company.
German company, one of the largest publishers of premium magazines in Europe.
German media conglomerate, one of the most successful in the world.
Germany’s largest media company in the world.
Polish media agency.
Polish company one of the largest media groups in Poland. It is engaged in the production and broadcasting of radio programs, the sale of advertising time, brokerage activities for stations and websites, as well as the creation and management of websites.
Polish radio group that operates on a wide scale for both listeners and Internet users.
Polish advertising network.
Poland’s state-of-the-art premium pay-TV platform, the richest in terms of program offerings.
Polish media house.
Polish provider of online advertising media, tools, services and research for the Polish real estate market.
Poland’s market leader in entertainment and telecommunications.
Poland’s leader in digital services.
Polish television broadcaster.
Polish daily newspaper publisher.
Polish publisher of books and magazines.
Polish radio publisher.
Polish publisher of a weekly socio-political magazine.
Swiss academic institute with global reach, founded by business leaders for business leaders.

Selected positions for which we have recruited in this sector

 Account Director, Advertising Sales Director, Affiliate Director, Art Director, Branch Manager, BTL Coordinator, Channel Brand Manager, Channel Manager – History, Channel Manager Poland & Hungary, Channels Team Manager, Chief in Editor of Portal, Country Manager, Creative Concept Manager, Creative Services Manager, Decoder Department Director, Deputy Advertising Director, Deputy Chief Editor, Deputy Editor In Chief, Deputy Marketing Director, E-Business Development Manager, Editor in Chief, Financial Director / Member  of the Board, Google Ads Specialist, Graphics Coordinator, Head of Public Relations, Head of the Autopromotion Section, Internet Product Manager, Key Account Manager, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Media Planer, Multimedia Director,Music Director, Multi Online Director, Online Editor-In-Chief, Printing House Manager, Printing House Director, PR Director, Programm Plannig Director, Project Manager, Publisher, Publishing Director, Research Analyst, Research Manager, Sales Director, Sales Team Manager, SEM, Senior Brand Manager, Senior Media Planner, Site Editor, Strgategic Director, Technical Operation Director, Technical Director, Technical Manager, Vice President Commercial, VP CFO, VP COO


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