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References FMCG

References FMCG

References FMCG

Some of the profiles of our customers in the area of FMCG companies. When checking out a recruitment and consultancy company, Clients would like to know about the agency’s experience in the area they are interested in. To respond to this demand and, at the same time, to preserve the confidentiality conditions we have in our contracts with Clients, we have prepared sample profiles of our Clients in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector and sample job titles for which we have carried out recruitment in this sector.


Nationality of the company and area of operation

American brand of carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages
American manufacturer of the most popular salty snacks
British transnational corporation headquartered in London. It is mainly engaged in the production of food, cleaning and personal care products.
British manufacturer of small domestic appliances, it employs about 14,000 people in more than 80 countries.
The French company employs more than 5,200 people worldwide and has a wide range of batteries and accumulators in its portfolio.
Japanese confectionery company, its specialties include chocolate and confectionery products.
German company in the garden technology, ventilation and automotive markets, producing parts for motor vehicles.
German company engaged in international trade and development. Offers innovative equipment for a wide range of R&D applications. Has more than 900 employees in 10 locations on four continents.
German food manufacturer, one of the largest makers of vinegar, pickled vegetables and mustard in Europe, supplies its products to more than 50 countries.
German manufacturer and service provider of quality assurance and research tools to support analytical needs in more than 120 countries worldwide.
German company that sells products related to coffee consumption, but also other common products. Coffee shops and stores are also operated under this brand.
Polish manufacturer of personal care products. Exports to more than 40 countries.
Polish manufacturer of personal care products. It has transformed from a small enterprise into a dynamically growing company, employing several hundred people and having its own modern machinery. Products of brands from its portfolio are available not only in Poland, but also in more than 30 foreign countries
Swiss food and beverage manufacturer. It employs more than 450 people in 50 countries.
Swedish fashion retail company. It employs more than 120,000 people worldwide. Operates in more than 73 markets. Owner of one of the most popular interior design and decor brands.

Selected positions for which we have recruited in this sector

ABAP Workflow Coordinator, Batch Management & Basis Coordinator, Brand Manager, Business Development Manager, CEO, CFO, CMO, Customer Services Specialist, Commercial Support Analyst, Communication Channel Manager, Country Manager Poland Czech Republic & Slovakia, Department Manager, Digital Marketing and Social Media Executive, Finance Controller, Financial Analyst, Global Brand Manager, Group Product Manager, Group Team Manager, Head of Law Department, Head of Human Resources and Payroll Department, HR Organization Manager, Human Resources Manager, Internal Communication Coordinator, Internal Communication Expert, IT Manager, IT Project Manager Europe, IT Support Lead Commercial, Brand Manager, Sales Development Manager, Marketing &PR Manager, National Sales Manager, Operation Director, Order Processing Specialist, Plant Director, Production Master, R&D Manager, Recruitment & Development Leader, Regional Sales Manager, Regional Technical Manager, Retail Development Manager, Retail Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Secutity Coordinator,  SAP Project Manager,Senior HR Generalist, Senior Team Leader, Service Desk Manager, SFA Business Analyst, Supply Chain Manager


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