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Manufacturing | Industrial Products | RPA | Lean Management | 4.0 | 5.0 | Digital twins | Digital | Internet of Things

Manufacturing | Industrial Products | RPA | Lean Management | 4.0 | 5.0 | Digital twins | Digital | Internet of Things

Typically, the manufacturing sector is continually striving for improvement in the organisation. During the crisis, this sector undergo more change than the other industries in order to optimise production costs. At present, improvement processes are constant, which is a general global tendency. Polish market is still an interesting place for industrial investment. Investors can count on favourable conditions offered in special economic zones as well as access to highly qualified staff fulfilling high requirements. This is the reason why manufacturing industry requires very strong support from personnel consulting firms who can reach prospective candidates, build rapport with them, and motivate them. In this field, for years we have been looked on as a Executive Search and Direct Search Partner for our Clients, and as such we can affect actively the development potential that their business represents.

We share our expertise in the identification of global trends within the manufacturing sector for 2021/2022.The Age of Smart Industry: Trends in Manufacturing for 2022


Selected references:

  • Supply Chain Manager of a leading international food manufacturer
  • Purchasing Director
  • Finance Director i Sales & Marketing Director for an international agro-industrial company
  • executive positions for a new car company
  • Plant Director for a packaging firm
  • Production Director
  • Deputy Site Director
  • Development Director
  • Industrial Director
  • Finance Director in an electronics company
  • Manufacturing Controller for an electronics company
  • Maintenance Manager for an automobile company
  • Quality Manager for an automobile company
  • Sales Manager in the metal industry
  • Shift Manager for a food company
  • Project Manager for a car company
  • Project Engineer
  • Production Manager for a technical company
  • Technical Director for a packaging firm
  • Tool Division Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Purchasing Director for a packaging firm
  • Personalization & Mailing Manager
  • Finance Controller
  • assessments
  • outplacements