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Recruitments for Production Companies

Recruitments for Production Companies

Recruitments for Production Companies

Recruitments for Production Companies are often urgent for our Clients.  Production is the economy’s backbone, providing capital goods for all sectors of the economy and consumer goods.  The competitiveness of the production industry translates directly into the attractiveness of the economy and the companies operating within it. Many companies had to find their way into the new reality during the pandemic. The pandemic opened up new development perspectives so that production companies have the potential for further growth.

Several dominant trends have been noted in manufacturing companies enabling their further growth:

Digital acceleration in all areas of socio-economic activity has become the basis for development in the coming years. Digitalisation facilitates access to existing markets and has contributed to the emergence of new ones. Digitally active companies are gaining a global reach, including access to specialised customers worldwide. The use of digital technologies is nowadays essential for scaling business, regardless of the industry and scale of operations: small, medium or large companies. It is crucial to look for solutions that allow more advanced digitalisation of the business, e.g. by implementing technologies in remote control of systems and production processes.

Clean Energy and Sustainability
It is essential to consider and use clean energy, low-carbon solutions, and the transition to a closed-loop economy in modern production processes. In the context of the transformation of the economy towards a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy – the recycling, modern energy technology, and battery industries are an essential part of the economy.
Industry 4.0
The machinery industry is of colossal importance in Poland’s industrial policy. The ability to adapt the machinery and equipment on offer to operate under the Industry 4.0 formula will increasingly define the prospects of the Polish machine-building industry. Most of the solutions necessary to make the idea of smart factories a reality have already been introduced. Both manufacturing and business use, to a greater or lesser extent, e.g.
  • sensors communicating via the internet
  • standard data transfer protocols for production plants
  • simulation software facilitating real-time engineering (smart factory, digital twin)
  • drives and controls equipped with communication functions
  • cloud technology
  • Ethernet
  • cloud-based diagnostic applications
  • predictive maintenance
  • mixed/augmented reality
  • advanced vision systems with deep learning

A characteristic feature of the manufacturing sector is the constant drive to improve the organisation. In times of crisis, this sector is undergoing a change process to a greater extent than other industries. Their main objective is to optimise manufacturing costs. At present, improvement processes are taking place at many levels. The Polish market is still an exciting place for industrial investment. Investors are awaited by preferential conditions offered by special economic zones and access to specialised human resources that meet high requirements getting many jobs offers regularly. This is why the manufacturing sector requires powerful support from HR consulting companies in reaching out, establishing relationships and motivating potential candidates. In this field – Recruitments for Production Companies – NAJ International has been seen as a trusted Partner for Clients, actively influencing the development of the potential of their organisations.

We share our expertise in identifying global trends within the manufacturing sector. The Age of Smart Industry: Trends in Manufacturing.

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Selected references and recruitment projects:
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Deputy Site Director
  • Development Director
  • executive positions for a new car company
  • Finance Controller
  • Finance Director and Sales & Marketing Director for an international agro-industrial company
  • Finance Director in an electronics company
  • Human Resources Director
  • Industrial Director
  • Maintenance Manager for an automobile company
  • Manufacturing Controller for an electronics company
  • Personalization & Mailing Manager
  • Plant Director for a packaging firm
  • Plant Manager
  • Production Director
  • Production Manager for a technical company
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager for a car company
  • Purchasing Director
  • Purchasing Director for a packaging firm
  • Quality Manager for an automobile company
  • Sales Manager in the metal industry
  • Shift Manager for a food company
  • Supply Chain Manager of a leading international food manufacturer
  • Technical Director for a packaging firm
  • Tool Division Manager
  • Warehouse Manager