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Executive Search | Recruitments in Poland

Executive Search | Recruitments in Poland

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Executive Search in Poland, also known as headhunting, is a specialized recruitment process that helps companies identify and hire candidates for executive positions.

This process is often applied for highly specialized, strategic, and difficult-to-fill roles.

  1. The executive search process starts with a thorough understanding of the company’s needs and organizational culture. Executive search consultants work with representatives from the client company to gather detailed information about the expectations for the new leader, including their competencies, experience, and the values they are expected to embody.
  2. After that, the process begins to identify potential candidates. Consultants use a wide range of tools, such as databases, professional networks, and market research, to locate individuals who meet the requirements of the client. Maintaining discretion is a crucial element of this stage to prevent the spread of information about the search for a new leader.
  3. Once potential candidates are identified, an evaluation is conducted to assess their alignment with the client’s expectations. Consultants conduct interviews, analyze competencies, experience, and the developmental potential of each candidate. Psychometric tests and assessments of leadership skills are also employed in this process.
  4. The next step involves presenting a shortlist of the best-matched candidates to the client. At this point, consultants provide the client with comprehensive information about each candidate, including an analysis of their strengths and potential areas for development. The client is also given full documentation regarding the selection process.
  5. Upon receiving feedback from the client, executive search consultants organize qualification meetings between the client and the selected candidates. At this stage, managing the schedule effectively is crucial to minimize the duration of the recruitment process.
  6. As the process progresses, consultants actively engage in negotiations with the chosen candidate regarding employment terms. They also strive to maintain the candidate’s commitment by providing information about the benefits of working for the company and professional development prospects.
  7. After successful negotiations and the acceptance of an offer, executive search consultants support the onboarding process of the new leader. They assist in integrating the leader into the team and provide support during the initial stages of adapting to the new work environment.

The entire executive search process is built on collaboration and partnership between the client and consultants. Key elements of success include professionalism, discretion, and a profound understanding of the industry’s specifics and organizational needs. Through this approach, companies can effectively attract top-tier leaders who contribute to achieving strategic business goals.

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