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Recruitments for NGOs and Cultural Institutions

Recruitments for NGOs and Cultural Institutions

Recruitments for NGOs and Cultural Institutions

NGO and Cultural Institutions: this is our youngest sector, and in the last two years, we have carried out projects for well-known, renowned institutions in this market segment.


Non-governmental organisation. These are Non-Governmental Organisations (NPOs), also known as Social Benefit Organisations. They are set up by individuals to achieve specific goals. The unifying feature of NGOs is that they work to help in a broad sense, satisfy needs, represent interests and prevent and solve various problems. Poland has approximately 120 000 NGOs (both associations and foundations). Most of them are involved in sports, tourism, recreation and hobbies (34%), education and upbringing (15%), culture and arts (13%), social services and social welfare (8%), health care (7%), local development (6%).

Our clients include international, independent humanitarian and national organisations working to build human relations.

Cultural institutions

  • Cultural institutions are public and can be either local or state legal entities for which cultural activities are the primary statutory objective. Cultural institutions can include organisations; theatre, cinema, museum, library, community centres, art centres and many others such as opera, operetta, orchestra, philharmonic, film institution art galleries, research and documentation centre. Cultural institutions, whether artistic or otherwise, operate based on an act of their establishment and the statutes granted by the organiser.

Currently experiencing a renaissance include

  • Theatre – in the sense of a concrete physical space – has acquired a new social role. Theatre buildings will remain places of gathering for theatre events. Performances will continue to be staged there. But the motivation for expressing the needs of the spectators themselves is changing. They go to the theatre to see a performance and meet other people.
  • Museums have gained new energy. In Poland, over a hundred projects are currently underway to construct a modern network of museums. Museums are beginning to make their exhibitions more and more interactive, breaking down barriers and enabling people to learn, develop and explore the world.
  • Today, libraries are very modern institutions that offer much more than just classic or specialised titles written on paper pages. For economic reasons, but also for more and more fashionable reasons, library use is becoming more and more fashionable.
  • Community centres, like art centres, play an essential and complex role in local communities – from shaping and transmitting cultural potential and heritage to building community.

By contrast, before COVID, streaming was growing in popularity and COVID forced people to learn to use them to find some entertainment. This, to some extent, led to the death of cinema. Now it will be more attractive for people to go to the cinema, the whole setting associated with it, than the film itself, which you just have to wait a bit and see at home.

Our Clients are prestigious institutions aiming to collect, research and care for objects of historical or artistic value. These are primarily public organisations active in the fields of culture and art.

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