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Recruitments Banking Leasing Insurers

Recruitments Banking Leasing Insurers

Recruitments Banking Leasing Insurers


Recruitments for Banking  Leasing Insurance. The market for financial companies is large and changing dynamically. A significant trend can be clearly defined: Robotic Process Automation (RPA). There is a race against time for the customer and their comfort, solutions mobility, cost reduction and innovation. Most operations happen on mobile – and the phone – is the leading customer contact platform. “Fintech” sounds like a dream come true.

Supervision of the banking sector, the capital market, insurance and pensions, and e-money institutions is carried out by the Financial Supervision Commission.


Insurers operating in a regulated market are institutions of public trust. The insurance sector, on the other hand, acts like a living organism that meets civilisation’s expectations and changing demands. It expands its offerings with more and more new areas and packages. The insurance environment is very hermetic; in Poland, we have the five largest insurance companies (PZU, Warta, Ergo Hestia, Allianz and UNIQA). According to the Polish Insurance Association, the sum insured in 2021 is equivalent to 25 per cent of Poland’s GDP.

Law companies

In many areas and law firms, the best can feel the breath of competition on their backs. A large and strong group of teams and lawyers is on the market. Currently, the topic of cyber security has become very popular. The more data we share online, the greater the threat. This generates serious conflicts that lead to litigation. This means that it is increasingly dangerous online, and the law needs to keep technology, operational processes and risk management up to date.

Naj International has for years been an effective HR advisor to finance companies, leasing companies, insurers, law firms and, more recently, increasingly, companies that lend capital, tangible goods – where ‘lending’ is a financial transaction with its level of risk and regulation. Increasingly, producers of tangible goods are entering the orbit of financial services and are interested in relevant competencies from the financial market.

We have experience finding candidates for all managerial, director and highly specialised positions. We are very keen to undertake projects that require finding competencies in areas of the market that are unknown but necessary for the development of our clients.

Recruitments for Banking  Leasing Insurers. we present some of our references. Please click Link.
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