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Assessment | Development Center

Assessment | Development Center

Assessment | Development Centre

We believe that company success can be measured by its well-built, perfectly prepared and highly motivated  team. The Assessment/Development Centre method facilitates the effective exploration of employee potential and their individual growth and development. This creates the possibility of  building an efficient organisation and reaching optimal company growth. The primary purpose of the project is to prepare competence profiles which are assessed according to key competencies required in a given position. The assessed competencies are selected while analysing  particular positions based on key success elements in a given company as well as the board’s expectations as to the implementation of tasks which are specific for the company. Particular employee competencies are assessed using various techniques, such as a biographical and competence interview, simulation tasks (talking to a subordinate or a difficult external/internal client), the in-basket exercise, solving business problems, group exercises, presentations, psychometric tests. All the exercises are simulated tasks or situations similar to those which happen the work  environment of the company. The task can also be performed in a group, which allows to observe the employee’s commitment in a team as well as his/her ability to collaborate with other people. In this procedure, it is essential to provide the participants with feedback defining the directions and methods of development. In addition, the employer knows the employee potential and thus can devise career plans and training programmes.

Managerial Audit

Managerial Audit is an integrated approach which allows to describe the manager methods used in the organisation in terms of tasks, interpersonal skills and environment requirements. In today’s business world, managers are required to be able to adapt to constant change – they need to manage change and, more often, risk in times of uncertainty. The fact that the company  is doing well today does not guarantee stability in the long term. The driving force of every organisation is its management team with their specific competencies facilitating effective management. Developing these competencies is crucial to gaining a competitive edge on the market. Managerial audit performed by our consultants will not only allow to identify managerial staff competencies, but also indicate desirable directions for key people development and better ways of adapting to the requirements of the changing organization. The audit performed in accordance with our methods is particularly useful in situations, such as restructuring or takeover, the change of strategy, identifying managerial potential and preparing successors in managerial posts.  Managerial audit goes much beyond a simple description of the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. It is a method not only analysing the manager’s personal resources (knowledge, skills, personality potential, motivation), but also considering the organizational, interpersonal and market-wide context of his/her actions.

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