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Recruitments for Construction Building Energy

Recruitments for Construction Building Energy

Recruitments Construction Building Energy.

During the pandemic, the construction market did very well compared to other sectors of the economy. Practically no construction sites were closed, the flow of public money for transport infrastructure investments was flowing, and developers and individual investors were building on a massive scale. It was a record time for renovations, and this trend continued into 2021. However, the forecasts for the construction market in the following years could be more optimistic. A massive problem for the market has become the shortage of raw materials for the production of construction materials and the resulting significant increase in prices. A constant concern for the construction market is also the lack of employees.

The February 2022 crisis and its economic consequences show how crucial energy sovereignty is for Europe. We are witnessing a huge acceleration of efforts to source energy resources from other directions than previously and renewable energy.

Therefore, there will be no shortage of exciting offers for implementing investments in the energy industry, renewable energy and environmental protection, as well as in the gas and fuel industry and the construction industry supporting these types of investments.

The progression of the energy sector in Poland creates exciting development opportunities.

This is a direct result of investment plans for the construction or modernisation of energy blocks by the largest energy companies. We can observe the dynamic development of the renewable energy sector. Renewable sources (RES); solar energy, hydropower, wind, geothermal, and biomass. In Poland, there has also been an increase in the demand for a guarantee of origin, i.e. a document certifies energy production from a particular type of renewable source.

Our experience of working with companies in the energy sector is exciting. We have accompanied international energy concerns and companies with Polish capital in their development, recruiting highly qualified engineers and managers. We carry out projects for companies in the professional, wind and renewable energy sectors, as well as for engineering companies providing services in this area. Today, the most sought-after specialists in this sector should have an excellent background in project management and speak foreign languages. We know the market well and its participants, and we understand its specifics, making us effective. Quality and punctuality are of paramount importance to our clients and us.

Whereas our experience of cooperation with the construction sector

means that we have successfully recruited for both specialist and managerial positions. We understand the entire investment process very well, as we work for all of its participants: investors, developers, general contractors, design and engineering companies, and manufacturers of construction materials. Our extensive recruitment experience allows us to confidently handle even the most challenging projects where engineering expertise, precision, discretion and the courage to promote non-obvious but effective recruitment solutions are required.

Recruitment for Construction. Energy.

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