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Consumer Goods & Services | FMCG

Consumer Goods & Services | FMCG

Consumer Goods and Services is one of the most dynamic, competitive and specific sectors where product offerings are continuously changing of necessity. Consumers like novelties, changes and they love promotions. Therefore, in recent years, the emphasis has been on the quality of products. What gives companies a competitive edge is product innovation, effectiveness of marketing communication and efficiency of Sales Department.

FMCG market is undergoing changes in the way consumers spend their money. Cheaper products are becoming more and more popular, including own label products, in particular. The market for organic food is noticeably growing. On the one hand, Poles are becoming more and more aware of what they eat; on the other hand organic food is now more available than it used to be.

Anyone can find work in the FMCG sector, irrespective of their major area of study. Company departments are looking for experts with different work skills, people who are open, creative, looking for new challenges. People are attracted to FMCG companies because this industry is under constant change looking for new solutions, facing increased competition or new regulations.

Working with FMCG clients, we aim to match the recruitment strategy with market changes as well as find candidates perfectly suited to the current business needs. FMCG is a rather specific sector where most people know one another so those who keep up to date with the novelties in the industry are most successful recruiters. Therefore, our Executive Search Consultants are continuously following new trends and changes on the market.

Selected references:

  • CEO of a leading retail chain
  • Head of Law Department in a multinational retail chain
  • Human Resources Director Poland and Russia of a FMCG firm
  • Channel manager of a FMCG firm
  • Communication Channel Manager for a FMCG company
  • Group Product Manager of a leading FMCG multinational
  • Sales Manager for one of the largest FMCG companies
  • Human Resources Manager for an international FMCG company
  • Brand Managers i Product Managers for FMCG companies
  • Supply Chain Manager of a leading international food manufacturer
  • Change & Release Management Coordinator
  • Security Coordinator
  • SAP Project Manager
  • IT Support Lead Supply Chain
  • IT Support Lead Commercial
  • Batch Management & Basis Coordinator
  • ABAP Workflow Coordinator
  • Shift Manager for a food company
  • Branch Manager for a trade company
  • R&D Manager for a food manufacturer