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Recruitments Consumer Goods and Services

Recruitments Consumer Goods and Services

Recruitments Consumer Goods and Services

Recruitments Consumer Goods and Services. The consumer goods and services (FMCG) industry is one of the most dynamic, competitive and specific sectors. Among other things, this is due to the need for constant changes in the product range. Consumers like novelty, change and promotions. This is why there has been a particular emphasis on product quality in recent years. The market advantage of companies in this industry is determined by product innovation, the effectiveness of marketing communication and the efficiency of the sales department.

Competition in the fast-moving consumer goods industry is fierce. Companies in this sector compete with each other in in-store merchandise display proposals. They research current consumer trends, develop strategies and implement innovative ideas. This is done to secure the best possible place in the market. The FMCG industry’s hallmarks are ongoing competition for every customer and high dynamism.

Own brands

The market is witnessing changes in the way consumers spend their money. Cheaper goods, particularly retailers’ brands, are becoming increasingly popular. The organic food market has also visibly started to develop. On the one hand, Poles are increasingly aware of what they eat; on the other hand, these foods are much more accessible than they used to be.

Luxury brands

At the same time, the Polish consumer market is very interested in luxury brands, which initially entered Poland with cosmetics and online shops, slowly opening stationary locations and not only as a Multibrand Store but also as a Brand Store, the best translation of which is the opening of the first Stationary Store in Poland in December 2019 by the Hermes brand.

Online shops

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the FMCG industry’s shopping habits and sales structure. The majority of consumers shopped ‘in stock’. Grocery shops remained open. E-commerce and fast-moving consumer goods sales recorded massive increases of up to several hundred per cent.

Virtually anyone can find a job in the FMCG sector.

Regardless of what degree they have completed. Company departments are looking for specialists with various professional skills and open-minded, creative people looking for new challenges. Due to the specific nature of this industry, its dynamics, the constant search for new solutions, the ever-increasing competition, and the changing legal regulations, work in this sector is attractive and enticing.

The development of global brands in the Polish market is a huge convenience for consumers with access to an extensive range of goods. It is also a huge employment opportunity for experienced people and those looking for their first job.

Companies in the FMCG sector must constantly develop and look for candidates from different levels who are great at dealing with stressful situations. It is quite a specific sector; here, most people know each other, so when it comes to confidential and effective recruitment, the winner is up-to-date with all industry news. This is why our consultants are constantly keeping up to date with new trends and developments in the market.

Our aim in recruitment for FMCG companies is to optimally adapt our recruitment strategy to changes in the market and find candidates ideally suited to current realities and business needs.

We present some profiles of our Clients in the FMCG Sector and positions we have recruited for. Please click the Link.

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