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NAJ International is Poland’s oldest and most renowned Executive Search and Recruitment Agency.

At our agency, we are passionate about finding the best talent for leadership positions. We specialize in recruiting for ⇒management, ⇒directorship, ⇒board membership, and ⇒supervisory board membership. Additionally, we strive to help organizations find ⇒highly specialized experts that match their unique needs.

  • NAJ International has conducted recruitment processes in Poland for over 30 years to help international companies find the right candidates. The agency has successfully completed more than a thousand managerial recruitments, and over 93% of these were for global companies. Our wide experience has enabled us to understand the organisational culture of companies from countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the USA, the UK, Spain or similar.
  • NAJ International specializes in 10 sectors of the economy, which allows us to quickly learn about the business specifics of each employer and match the right candidate to their organization. We understand the recruitment challenges that companies face, such as confidentiality of the recruitment process, difficulty in finding the right candidates through traditional methods, and the need to be more knowledgeable about the Polish market and its candidates. We can advise our clients on salary budgets and realistic project time frames. References | Case Studies

The Hiring Managers we often work with include:

  • HR Directors in charge of Central and Eastern Europe,
  • Regional Directors responsible for operations in Poland and neighboring areas,
  • General Managers or similar including Presidents (CEO’s) in Poland,
  • HR Directors in Poland, and
  • Business/Company Owners.
  • Business Unit Heads

We understand that the terminology used to initiate recruitment processes in Poland may differ depending on the location of the employer’s head office.

The Employer | Client benefits from NAJ International:

    • a free-of-charge consultation with a consultant, before the decision regarding the selection of a recruitment agency, as a test of the Consultant’s quality and competencies, which they will receive during the entire recruitment process
    • a search strategy tailored to the company’s strategy, the position’s characteristics, the organisation’s development plans, the team profile and the company’s organisational culture, taking into account the country from which the organisation originates as well as its size and industry specifics
    • a Consultant who is a Partner in dialogues with HR, the hiring manager and the candidate, thanks to which the Client receives candidates who are very well-checked, evaluated and prepared for recruitment interviews
    • a schedule of work defined in advance, thanks to which the Client can plan the processes on his side
    • a Benchmark Candidates to possibly modify the profile of the candidate the Client wants to hire as a result of the process
    • all candidates are thoroughly interviewed face-to-face by at least one Consultant, so the Client only meets good and motivated candidates, which significantly shortens the recruitment process and prevents future job rotation
    • research up to the success – we do not abandon our recruitment processes even if there are difficulties, we may need to present more candidates than expected, or the process is prolonged, which generates savings on the Client’s side and makes the Client’s HR work more efficient
    • a solid guarantee depending on the level of the position, thanks to which the Client receives a free second search in the circumstances specified in the guarantee
    • cooperation with a stable recruitment agency, whose services have been used by more than 2000 Clients over the last 30 years, and the possibility of checking our work with Clients who have worked with us


NAJ International has a track record of finding top talent for companies undergoing growth and change. Visit our references in each of 10 sectors we recruit for to find more information about our Clients and recruited positions.

We care to find individuals passionate about implementing innovative strategies and solutions. At the same time, we provide excellent customer service with regular updates about the progress of our work.

All your queries receive a rapid response from the relevant Consultant.

Feel free to contact us using the form below or by email: Pracodawca@naj.com.pl

Please be advised that we take care for the safety of our clients and all recruitment processes are carried out by us with the highest respect and while maintaining the candidate’s data security requirements (after collecting the required agreements for participation in recruitment processes) following the RODO / GDPR European Parliament Regulation. We invite you to read our Security Policy in the Candidate section.

Please be informed that many recruitment projects, especially for the highest managerial positions (like CEO, CFO, CSO, General Manager, Country Director, and Commercial Director), are usually strictly confidential and, therefore, are not published on our website.