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Media | Advertising |Entertainment |Digital

Media | Advertising |Entertainment |Digital

For the last few years we have all been observing the rapid development of new technologies. This has a tremendous influence on the ever-changing face of the media.

Many years of experience and cooperation with companies in this industry can guarantee our Clients not only a well performed recruitment process but first and foremost the possibility of strategic consulting.

We are well familiar with the situation of particular business entities and candidates; therefore, we have a wide network of industrial contacts. We are constantly monitoring the market, observing the current trends, talking to TV, radio, press and multimedia representatives, media agencies, advertising agencies, media brokers who sell standard and nonstandard forms of advertising.

The Internet is, or at least should be, present  in each major entity in the world of the media, either as a source for gaining the content, or as one of the income sources. More and more recruitment orders are coming from this area. Most recruitment tasks are executed CONFIDENTIALLY, owing to the intermingling of hermetic environments. The media are becoming more sensitive not only to “content usability”, but also “soft” suitability – in terms of personality and society. Other projects like assessments, individual appraisals, coaching are becoming popular. We are perceived as Executive Search experts in Media & Entertainment.

We are equally creative develop out-of-the-box solutions to spot the right combination of skills which are required to address these challenges. We have been successfully filling positions across all sectors of Media and Entertainment be it publishing, broadcasting and cable, production – Film and music, marketing, journalism social media like Online media and e commerce.

Selected references:

  • VP Commercial
  • VP CFO
  • VP COO
  • VP Marketing Director
  • Chief In Editor of Portal
  • Online Editor in Chief
  • Creative Director / Member of the Board
  • Financial Director/Member of the Board
  • General Director
  • HR Directors
  • Art Director
  • Decoder Department Director
  • Multimedia Director
  • Deputy Advertising Director
  • TV Channel Manager
  • Affiliate Director
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Sales Director
  • Account Director
  • Research Directors
  • Publishing Director
  • Internet Sales & Development Director
  • Program Planning Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Strategic Director
  • Technical Operation Director
  • Technical Director
  • Digital Director
  • PR Director
  • Music Directors
  • Publishing Directors (various theme segments and publications)
  • Senior Brand Manager
  • Research Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Country Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Printing House Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Internet Projects Manager
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
  • Channel Manager Poland&Hungary
  • Channel Manager – History
  • Creative Services Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Team Manager
  • E-Business Development Manager
  • Language Editor
  • Site Editor
  • Senior Media Planner
  • Media Planner
  • Senior Account Executive
  • BTL Coordinator
  • Graphics Coordinator
  • Research Analyst
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Publisher
  • Positions related to planning and media buying
  • Assessment Development Center