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Synergy between Agency and own Recruitment Department

Synergy between Agency and own Recruitment Department

The synergy between the Agency and own Recruitment Department

Why do companies with their own Recruitment Departments still use the services of Recruitment Agencies?

In today’s dynamic business world, talent recruitment is a key element of every company’s success strategy. Many businesses choose to establish their own recruitment department to meet their staffing needs.

However, even those companies with their own human resources are increasingly turning to the services of recruitment agencies.

Why is this happening?

There are several reasons why companies with their own recruitment departments may still use and benefit from the services of recruitment agencies:

1. Confidential Projects

In the context of recruitment, maintaining confidentiality is crucial.

Confidentiality is a fundamental element in building trust with candidates.

Companies should consistently ensure that their recruitment procedures are not only effective but also compliant with the highest ethical and legal standards regarding the confidentiality of candidates’ personal data.

In the case of confidential recruitment, companies often choose to collaborate with recruitment agencies because it is the only way to ensure the effective execution of recruitment while maintaining the highest level of discretion and data security.


2. Specialization and Special Tasks

Recruitment agencies often specialize in specific industries or professional areas, allowing them to accumulate the knowledge and experience necessary for effectively sourcing key talents. For companies seeking specialists with unique skills or experience in a particular field, using the services of recruitment agencies can be a crucial solution.

Moreover, companies often entrust recruitment agencies with special tasks, such as:

  • sourcing candidates for exceptionally prestigious and strategic positions within the organization.

Such positions are pivotal to the company’s image, making the selection of suitable candidates and communication with them extremely important for the organization.

3. Expanded Network of Contacts and Current Candidate Market Information

Recruitment agencies not only have a wide network of contacts but also provide access to the freshest and most current information about the candidate market.

As a result:

  • companies using their services can better understand candidate expectations, preferences, and the latest trends in the job market. With such data, companies can tailor their recruitment strategies and more effectively attract the best talents
  • agencies have the ability to recruit passive candidates
4. Flexibility

Companies can use recruitment agencies as a flexible form of support during periods of increased demand for new employees.

Even if they have their own recruitment department, they may opt for outsourcing in the case of heavy recruitment tasks.

Companies often experience seasonal or periodic increases in demand for employees. In such cases, recruitment agencies can quickly scale up recruitment efforts, providing the company with access to necessary personnel in a short time.

Unlike maintaining permanent internal employment, using the flexible services of recruitment agencies may prove to be more cost-effective and efficient.

5. Time and Resource Savings

Using the services of recruitment agencies can also save time and resources within a company. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and require significant financial and human resources.

Recruitment agencies, equipped with the right tools and experience, can conduct the recruitment process more quickly and efficiently, allowing the company to focus on other strategic tasks.

6. Innovative Recruitment

Approach recruitment agencies often have access to advanced recruitment tools and technologies that may be difficult or too costly for companies to obtain or maintain.

Utilizing such tools can increase the efficiency of the recruitment process. With them, agencies can quickly and effectively screen large numbers of candidates and provide companies with high-quality talent.

Additionally, recruitment agencies typically have human resources trained in using these tools, further enhancing their effectiveness.

As a result, companies using the services of recruitment agencies can save time and costs associated with recruitment, while gaining access to the best candidates in the job market.

7. Diversity of Perspectives

Employing consultants with different experiences and perspectives by recruitment agencies can truly enrich the recruitment process:

  • With diversity in the team, agencies can approach talent search from various directions and understand the needs of different industries and positions.
  • Consultants with different experiences can also better understand the diversity of candidates and their individual needs, resulting in better alignment between candidates and job offers.
  • Moreover, diversity in the team can foster innovative thinking and the creation of new recruitment strategies, contributing to a more effective identification of the most suitable candidates for agency clients.

In conclusion.

Despite having their own recruitment departments, many companies choose to use recruitment agencies due to their flexibility and specialization.

Whether a company needs quick access to personnel or is looking for specialists with unique skills, recruitment agencies can be invaluable business partners.

Ultimately, the choice between having an internal recruitment department and using the services of recruitment agencies depends on the individual needs and goals of the company.

Worth considering the benefits of both solutions to choose the most optimal recruitment strategy for the organization.

It is also worth noting that while companies may have their own recruitment departments, using recruitment agencies can be an additional tool to increase the effectiveness of the recruitment process and attract the best talents in the job market.

Agata Kostrubiec Senior Project Manager,

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