International Executive Search in the Netherlands -

International Executive Search in the Netherlands

International Executive Search in the Netherlands

International Executive Search in the Netherlands

But what if I have International Executive Search in the Netherlands?
Polish companies have been growing dynamically in recent years, and they recruit international managers in the Netherlands.

In 2014 NAJ International joined the International Executive Search Federation. It happened because we knew then that it would benefit our Business Clients. Companies which are looking for Executive Search recruitment solutions outside Poland. In 2022 the IESF will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. On this occasion, we are presenting the profiles of the Managing Partners of our partner recruitment companies in the respective markets.

Today we present Gertjan Van de Groep from the Netherlands. Gertjan heads our partner recruitment organization, Van de Groep & Olsthoorn. Since 1979, the company has found suitable managers and candidates for C-level positions, mainly in the technology and industrial sectors.

The Netherlands attracts entrepreneurial companies and owners from all over the world. For many organizations, it is where they expand their business in Europe.

We are also familiar with cases when Polish companies buy Dutch companies and thus enter the Dutch market. For such an expansion, you need to be successful. Firstly, you need managers who will effectively bridge the company in Poland and the organization in the Netherlands. Secondly, you need knowledge of the local market and culture and the ability to manage employees in a new market. Additionally, often it is necessary to coordinate the recruitment through a Polish Consultant. This person will bring the Polish company’s culture closer to the Netherlands colleagues.

In doing so, the whole recruitment process and the investment in the new manager will be a long-term success. Our experience tells us that for such strategic recruitments, Clients also appreciate the possibility of recruiting on several markets simultaneously. This is a case during simultaneous expansion in several countries.

If you are facing such a challenge, we invite you to contact us to discuss the possibility of finding a solution and selecting the right candidate.

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