Global Conference IESF 2018 Lyon in France | Prize for NAJ International - NAJINTERNATIONAL Executive Search | Recruitments | HR Advisory

Global Conference IESF 2018 Lyon in France | Prize for NAJ International

Global Conference IESF 2018 Lyon in France | Prize for NAJ International

Global Conference IESF 2018 Lyon in France | Prize for NAJ International. Poland Triumphs as Global Recruitment Leader: A Proud Achievement for NAJ International

At this semantic meeting in Lyon/France, we approved the three-year term of the current president, Normand Lebeau. At the same time we  handed over the Presidency of the IESF to the new President, Victor Carulla.  We have accepted new Members:

  • Cecilia Gajardo Jiménez and Claudia Montedonico – HR Buro (Chile),
  • Lorena Castro and Ernesto Castro – Key Executives (Colombia),
  • Frank Zwiky – IESF Group International GmbH (Switzerland)
  • Alejandra Mancilla – North Hunters (Mexico).


In the dynamic world of executive search, the annual evaluation by the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) stands as a testament to excellence and collaboration. Each year, this prestigious federation assesses the global performance of countries in executing recruitment projects through international partnerships.

In a groundbreaking turn of events in 2018, Poland, represented by NAJ International Executive Search, emerged as the undisputed leader in this global competition. This marked the first time that Poland secured the top position, showcasing the nation’s prowess in international executive recruitment.

The IESF evaluation process meticulously scrutinizes the efficacy and reach of collaborative recruitment projects undertaken by countries across the globe. It considers the depth of collaboration with international partners and the successful execution of diverse projects as key criteria.

Poland’s triumph in 2018 not only solidified its status as a force to be reckoned with in the executive search arena but also reflected the commitment and competence of NAJ International Executive Search. The achievement highlighted the company’s dedication to fostering global partnerships and executing recruitment projects with precision and effectiveness.

The recognition bestowed upon Poland and NAJ International was met with immense pride and satisfaction. It showcased not only the exceptional capabilities of the Polish executive search industry but also the strategic vision and execution excellence of NAJ International on the international stage.

As the IESF continues to be a benchmark for excellence in the executive search domain, Poland’s inaugural win serves as an inspiration for industry peers and underscores the nation’s emergence as a key player in the global talent acquisition landscape. NAJ International Executive Search remains committed to maintaining this high standard of excellence, solidifying its position as a global leader in executive search and recruitment services.

In conclusion, the IESF’s recognition of Poland’s outstanding performance in 2018 reflects the culmination of strategic collaboration, dedication, and excellence, making it a milestone to be celebrated by NAJ International and the entire Polish executive search community.

We are pleased to announce that Ewa Adamczyk,  Poland and NAJ International has been prized for the largest number of successfully completed recruitment projects at the IESF in 2018.