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When to start considering cooperation with recruitment agency? Eight examples.

When to start considering cooperation with recruitment agency? Eight examples.

When to start considering cooperation with a recruitment agency?

The answer to this question is not simple.

Usually, a recruitment agency comes into consideration when all available recruitment methods “on our own” have already been used.

This approach gives the organisation financial savings. Outsourcing recruitment to an external recruitment company obviously results in costs related to the agency’s fees.

Therefore, it is worth checking in advance on your own:

  • In-house options:

  1. whether we have someone in our internal talent development programmes which is ready for the next step
  2. recommendations of candidates from people we trust inside our company. Many companies have referral programs, but it is also worth brainstorming among the management. It may happen that a former employee whom we did not manage to keep in the past could now work for us).
  3. recommendations from people who do not work in our company, but whose opinion we have full confidence in
  4.  our own database of candidates who in the past applied to our company for another position.  This also applies when a company makes employer branding campaigns, for example, among students and gets a lot of cv’s.
  • Options outside the company:

  1. advertisements on popular job portals
  2. advertisements on LinkedIn and online forums/groups
  3. other forms of advertisements


  1. all of the above methods fail
  2. the position requires confidentiality. It happens because we are replacing someone in the company or entering a new market and want to do it confidentially.
  3. the position requires special treatment of the candidate. It occurs when the offer is addressed to exceptional candidates, e.g. CEOs.
  4. there is a very narrow target group of candidates. We know that several people on the market will have the desired competencies or industry knowledge, and reaching them requires more time.
  5. candidates do not respond to our job offers
  6. the position is unique and we do not have the internal competencies to recruit the right person. This comes into play when, e.g. we have never had a PR Manager before, and suddenly we need to choose one.
  7. we do not have the human resources to do the recruitment ourselves. This is what happens when the HR department is just being established. The company is suddenly growing fast; we have people on maternity or parental leaves, etc.
  8. we do not know the given market or who in this market is a good candidate. The company has just entered Poland or another country and needs to hire the first key, well-tested people.

This means that probably the time has come when the organization should start considering cooperation with a recruitment agency.

And here the right choice of recruitment Partner will be crucial.

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