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Global recruitments. IESF Singapure 2023.

Global recruitments. IESF Singapure 2023.

Global recruitments. Global meeting IESF Singapure 2023

All Managing Partners of the recruitment agencies that make up the International Executive Search Federation met for our annual global performance review meeting for the twenty-first time. This year in Singapore.

This AGM transcended the ordinary, evolving into a jubilant celebration of ‘Synergy.’ Amidst the bustling metropolis, we delved into the dynamic realm of digital transformation and the intricacies of candidate assessment. Our international gathering witnessed the convergence of industry pioneers, each contributing invaluable insights and experiences to the tapestry of knowledge. It was a true celebration of business synergy, where we immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of international recruitments. As we discussed the ins and outs of digital transformation and precision candidate selection with industry leaders.

The event emerged as an unparalleled platform for learning and ideation, fostering a rich exchange of ideas among experts. In each session, we deeply explored the latest industry trends and explored best practices, providing an enriching experience for all participants. It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience full of business inspiration for global recruitments.

During intensive discussions with experts from different continents, we joined forces, building a more robust and more integrated IESF team.

We would like to share this extraordinary journey with our valued clients. The event video is not only a great journey of events, it is also a showcase of our company, where international recruitment is a key element of our success.

From the exploration of Singapore’s vibrant culture to engaging in thought-provoking discussions, our AGM encapsulated a journey of discovery and connection. The video not only captures the essence of these insightful sessions but also showcases the spirited interactions and unique charm that characterized this exceptional event.Watch the fascinating experience of our AGM and let yourself be inspired by our revolutionary approach to international recruitment. It’s more than a meeting – it’s a journey into the recruitments