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30 years of experience on the recruitment market in Poland

30 years of experience on the recruitment market in Poland

The oldest recruitment company in Poland is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

I was wondering how to list the hundreds of companies that have trusted us throughout all these 30 years.

On one hand, it is difficult because we are obliged by the rules of confidentiality both with regards to the Clients and to the Candidates. On the other hand, it is important to express our gratitude to all our business partners who have worked with us throughout these 30 years. That’s why I would like to give my thanks in a way that does not affect the rules.

I would like to thank, above all, companies from France, the United States of America and Germany who, in the early 1990s, were the first to open representative offices in Poland and worked with us on their recruitment assignments – at that time we were the only recruitment company in Poland. We wouldn’t have expanded our recruitment projects portfolio and started new valuable business relations with companies from Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Canada, Israel.

I would like to thank the corporations who have trusted our qualifications and the representatives of family companies who have developed their international activity by establishing (at the beginning) commercial and then also production activities in Poland.  I am glad that we were able to employ for You people responsible for sales, finance, control, accounting, production, quality, purchasing, marketing, logistics, HR, IT, medical activities and operations.

Throughout the years, our business partners grew and a group of managers capable of joining the Management Boards or managing the entire companies or factories expanded in Poland. This allowed us to start recruiting talents for executive positions like Management Board Members, Managing Directors and Presidents. During the last few years (as a result of continuous improvement regarding professional competences of Polish managers and due to recognition of their achievements by international structures of headquarters) we have also expanded and started recruiting for regional executive positions in CEE or other regions.

I am grateful for the trust placed in us by large FMCG and manufacturing companies, which were the first to enter Poland. Currently and over the years we have also enjoyed working for companies in logistics, retail, pharmaceuticals, construction, banking, media, agriculture, energy and almost all of the telecommunications companies.

We are thankful for the cooperation with smaller companies and family businesses with Polish or international capital. Over the years, we have watched them grow, merge and restructure. We were always open and ready to provide our knowledge and skills to guide them through local and global crises.

Building our Clients’ trust in the quality of our recruitment skills would be also impossible without the tens of thousands of Candidates who have accepted and continue to accept invitations to meetings and interviews with us on a daily basis. Many of them started their adventure with corporations and general management from meetings with us. At present, many of them run their own companies and become our Friends – even sometimes Clients.

Our success wouldn’t be possible also without Great People that helped us create the image of the efficient and reliable Brand of NAJ International.

It is impossible to list here all of them. However, I will give it a try.

Our reliable activity for 30 years wouldn’t have been possible without the NAJ International Team Members, of course. I’d like to thank all the Consultants, Search Consultants who have created the company over the years. I’d like to thank the members of administration, IT, sales, accounting, office management and support functions who have changed and evolved over the years of all our operations. Thank you to the trainees who gained their first recruitment experience with us. Thank you for the Ocean of Trust and for choosing to be part of OUR story.

A special thanks to Francois Nail, who had the confidence to create the company in 1991, the operating principles and was the first CEO and owner.

Finally, thank you to the current composition of the Team of Our Own. We have learned a lot together recently. Every day we prove that Together we can work in a changing world and benefit from our interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, individuality, experience and abilities. With a team of You we can reach the highest peaks.

I am happy to meet every one of YOU in the years to come.

Ewa Adamczyk, owner and CEO of NAJ International

Since August 22, 1991, we have been helping international and Polish companies to find and hire the most suitable people for their managerial, expert and specialist positions.