Ewa Adamczyk

Ewa Adamczyk

Managing Partner/CEO

Ewa Adamczyk

Ewa Adamczyk began her career at NAJ International in 1994 as a junior consultant. Her responsibilities included managing expert and managerial position projects for the FMCG, production, distribution, and finance sectors. At the time, NAJ International's clients were mostly significant international corporations that had just started operating in Poland and were creating new structures. Over the years, Ewa Adamczyk was promoted to the positions of Business Development Manager and Client Director, and in 2005, she was appointed General Director, a role in which she excelled.

She has always been actively involved in acquiring customers and executing increasingly demanding executive search projects, including positions for Board Members and Supervisory Board Members. She holds an M.SC. Eng. degree in Food Science from the University of Agriculture in Warsaw http://www.sggw.pl/, and has completed an MBA at Leon Koźminski Academy https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/en/and. She also studied Management and Competency Management at the Warsaw University http://en.uw.edu.pl/. Ewa has completed coaching training certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) https://icf.org.pl/.

Ewa Adamczyk is a firm believer in business credibility, excellent client relations and providing the highest level of personnel consulting services for both Polish and international companies. In December 2011, she successfully led the Management Buyout process of NAJ International and has since then managed the organization as a Managing Partner/CEO.

In 2014, Ewa Adamczyk facilitated the adoption of NAJ International into one of the world's largest networks of independent personnel consulting agencies - the International Executive Search Federation (IESF). In 2016, she made history by becoming the first woman to join the rotating elected Executive Board of Partners - the IESF Leadership Council - representing Central and Central Europe globally for a three-year term.

In both 2018 and 2019, Ewa Adamczyk received the distinction for the most significant number of completed projects in the Federation in the world from the President of IESF for Poland. She is dedicated to business development through maintaining permanent contacts with the management boards of Polish and international companies. Ewa Adamczyk is passionate about finding solutions for business succession in family businesses and is open to collaborating with investment funds to fill critical positions in organizations being developed/managed by investment funds.

She is proficient in English and German and can communicate in Russian.

Motto: „Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” (Warren Bennis)

Sectors: Pharma, Finance & Banking, FMCG, Retail & Logistics, Manufacturing Industrial Products, Energy& Construction Products