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References for Pharmaceutical companies

References for Pharmaceutical companies

References for Pharmaceutical companies

Some of the profiles of our customers and references for Pharmaceutical companies considering a recruitment and consultancy company, potential clients are interested in knowing about the agency’s experience in their specific area of interest. In order to meet this demand while maintaining confidentiality in our contracts with clients, we have created sample profiles of our clients in the pharmaceutical sector, along with a list of job titles for which we have provided recruitment services in this field.


Nationality of the company and area of operation

American multinational innovative pharmaceutical company. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Poland, operating in Human Health and Animal Health. It develops and manufactures medicines and vaccines and has more than 100 medicinal products in its portfolio.
A US-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, it is the world’s leading generic drug manufacturer, specialising in drugs in the following areas; oncology, respiratory, pain and women’s treatment, as well as biologics. It employs approximately 45,000 people worldwide.
US-based innovative biopharmaceutical company with operations in 125 countries. It has 43 manufacturing facilities and employs 78,500 people worldwide. It operates in the areas of; vaccines, oncology, rare diseases, infectious diseases, internal medicine, immunology and inflammatory diseases.
Czech manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, produces generic medicines in Europe. It employs more than 4,700 people.
Danish global healthcare company. It employs over 47,000 people in 80 offices worldwide and sells products in 168 countries.
French pharmaceutical product manufacturers belong to a multinational group active in the following areas of medicine: cardiovascular, metabolism, immunology, infectious diseases and vaccines, neuroscience, oncology and pulmonary hypertension.
Dutch hospital and healthcare company. It is a pioneer of nutrition solutions. It operates worldwide. Specialises in products to help early life conditions such as premature birth, unstable growth, food allergies and rare metabolic diseases, as well as age-related conditions and chronic diseases, cancer, stroke and early Alzheimer’s disease.
German chemical AND pharmaceutical company. Specialising in healthcare and agriculture. It employs more than 111,000 people worldwide.
German company involved in international trade and development. Offers innovative equipment for a wide range of R&D applications. It has more than 900 employees in 10 locations on four continents.
German Group is a leader in providing integrated services in the healthcare market. The core business is logistics services, with 152 distribution centres in 26 countries and more than 34,145 employees.
Polish company engaged in the retail sale of pharmaceutical products. It has 81 stationary outlets throughout Poland and employs over 600 people.
Polish company that provides medical services. It is a publicly listed company. It has more than 1 600 outlets and employs more than 2 000 people.
Polish company manufacturing equipment for hospitals in the field of orthopaedics.
Polish drug manufacturer, leader of generic drugs in Central Europe, Eastern Europe in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The company produces prescription, inpatient and OTC medicines, dietary supplements, and medical devices. It specialises in cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, anti-infective, dermatology and ophthalmology drugs.
Polish manufacturer of pharmaceutical products.
Part of a Swiss pharmaceutical group. It is a world leader in the field of generic and biosimilar medicines.
Swiss company. It is involved in various areas of healthcare – innovative medicines and generics. It employs around 123,000 people from 144 nationalities worldwide.
A Swedish healthcare provider, it provides medical services through an extensive network of outpatient clinics, hospitals, specialist care laboratories and blood collection centres.

Selected positions for which we have recruited

Account Manager / Senior Sales Representative Laboratory Products, Asset Manager, BHP Manager, Branch Manager Business Development Manager, Business Unit Manager, Call Centre Manager, Category Manager, CE Brand Lead Diabetes, CE Brand Lead New Products, CE Therapy Area Lead Acute Care, CE Therapy Area Lead HIV, CEO Russia, Chief Accountant, Clinical Research Manager, Commercial Operations Lead, Product Manager Oncology, Communications Manager, Customer Solutions Manager Hospital Healthcare, Customer Solutions Manager Oncology, Customer Unit Lead Vaccines and Women Health, Distribution Key Account Manager, Environmental Protection Manager, Finance Director, General Director, Head of Trade Operations, Hospital Medical Director, Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager, IT Manager, Junior Brand Manager, Key Account & Sales Manager OTC, Manager Oncology, Manager Vaccinations, Marketing Manager, Marketing Project Manager, Medical Affairs Director, Medical Affairs Manager Cardiometabolic, Medical Affairs Manager HCV, Medical Affairs Manager Vaccines, Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Marketing Manager, Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacy Trade Manager, Product Manager Oncology, Product Manager OTC, Product Managers (Cardiology & Urology), Sales & Marketing Manager, Trade Marketing Director, Trade Marketing Managerccount Manager
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