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References NGO Cultural Institutions

References NGO Cultural Institutions

References NGO Cultural Institutions

When searching for a recruitment and consultancy company, clients want to know about the agency’s experience in the area they are interested in. To respond to this demand and, at the same time, to maintain the confidentiality conditions we have in our contracts with clients, we have prepared sample profiles of our clients and references NGO Cultural Institutions and sample job titles for which we have carried out recruitment in this sector.


Nationality and Client Company

Prestigious Foundation works worldwide in the Family, the Working Environment, Education and the World of Culture and Media.
It is a public cultural institution connected with Warsaw, its history and its inhabitants while actively participating in artistic life in Poland and abroad.
An international, independent, non-profit medical organisation. Known worldwide for providing humanitarian assistance to victims of armed conflict, epidemics and natural disasters.

We present a selection of positions for which we have completed recruitment projects.

  • Administrative Manager
  • Chief Accountant
  • Chief Exploitation Specialist
  • Education Manager
  • Head of the Collection Department
  • Head of the Operations Department
  • HR Specialist
  • Investment Department Managers
  • Marketing & PR Manager (candidates assessment)
  • Program Manager
  • Senior Communication and Engagement Strategist
  • Technical Manager Construction of the new Location
If you have not found the References you are interested in, please check out the projects completed for other References.
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