Ewa Borek

Ewa Borek

Senior Search Consultant

Ewa Borek

Ewa Borek has more than 11 years of experience in personnel consultancy. During this period, she has completed several dozen recruitment projects for managerial and highly specialized positions. She enjoys using creative work methods and testing various solutions, which often lead to significant changes.

Ewa Borek is interested in new technologies and likes to use them in her daily work.

She offers in-depth expertise in all matters related to talent, including finding candidates for specialist, expert, executive and board positions.

Ewa Borek conducts highly efficient and effective candidate searches across sectors and regions.

Since she is an all-rounder, she draws energy from being able to perform a variety of activities and projects.

She uses a combination of market knowledge, people knowledge, intuition and creativity to find the right candidates and make them enthusiastic about a career change. She can effectively connect and communicate with people at all levels.

Ewa holds a Master’s degree in Engineering with a specialisation in Production Systems Organization in the field of Management and Marketing at the Gdansk University of Technology

Because of her technical studies, she feels comfortable recruiting for manufacturing industries and industries related to new technologies, including IT or AI. She feels satisfaction when everything works smoothly, and recruitment projects are done accurately, taking into account all possible search directions.

She is a born social activist; during her studies, she was active in the student association AIESEC and currently works in the association Design for Change for the education of children and teachers. In addition, she organises regular theatre performances for the local community.

In her spare time, she loves being outdoors, going on long-distance bike trips with her tent, hiking, cross-country skiing and spending time with her family.

“My purpose is helping others to the best of my ability. I am passionate about finding the best possible person for the role and feel fulfilled when, through my work, I help people and companies to grow.”