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APPLICA.AI Hires Head of Product Development, Text Automation

APPLICA.AI Hires Head of Product Development, Text Automation

NAJ International is pleased to announce that APPLICA.AI has appointed Michał Gdak  as Head of Product Development.

Prior to Michal worked for over 15 years as Delivery Manager, Product Owner & Project Manager in multinational companies. At Ernst&Young GDS Poland he led a team responsible for Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence projects run for internal and external clients. Before that, he spend 2 years overseeing new Digital Banking platform build-out for Alior Bank which won 1st place for the best Internet and Mobile banking platform by Newsweek in 2019 and was nominated to Mobile Trend Awards. At PZU Michal was taking part in one of the biggest Scrum transformations in Poland where he led a team of 50 people in 500 people project. He started his career at Aviva where he went through whole SDLC process gaining experience from QA to Delivery Manager. Michał is an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, Kaggle Expert and triple Kaggle silver medalist: Google QUEST Q&A Labeling (Top 2%), RSNA Pneumonia Detection Challenge (Top 2%), Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction Challenge (Top 4%) and 2nd place in global EY AI Challenge. Michał has been graduated from Warsaw University of Technology Information Technology and Kozminski University Strategic Management.

The Applica AI-based solution helps reduce the human workforce effort, shorten document turnover, and cut down on human error.
More effectiveness. Less risk. Added flexibility.

The Applica R&D team comprises more than thirty experts, including deep learning experts, data scientists, mathematicians, and computer linguists. Over half hold a PhD.

Thanks to the all-star R&D team, the Applica solution has been optimized, road-tested, and made available for commercial use to process more than 200 000 documents and 2 000 000 internet posts and user comments every month.

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