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Dorota Wróblewska

Senior Project Manager / Head of Manufacturing Sector

Dorota Wróblewska has been working for NAJ International since 1996. She graduated from the Faculty of Geography at the Gdańsk University, she completed post-graduate studies at Ateneum University and obtained the title of Career Advisor and Mediator. At NAJ International she started as an independent Project Manager, gradually taking over the management of Researchers work on the position of Senior Project Manager.

At present, Dorota Wróblewska holds the position of Executive Director and participates in management of the company and creation of new products. She is mainly responsible for recruitments for industrial companies in all sectors. She often conducts research for highly specialized, niche positions in various locations. She is experienced in conducting Assessment Centre, Managerial Audit and Outplacement projects.

She is fluent in English and Russian.

Motto: „If you aren’t allowed to do something, but you want to badly, then you can” (heard in a morning Radio Trójka programme by Wojciech Mann)

Sectors: Energy & Environment, Electric Mobility, Automotive, Retail, Distribution & Logistics, Transport, Manufacturing

Dorota Wróblewska