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Executive Search in Poland | NAJ International

Executive Search in Poland | NAJ International

Executive Search|Direct Search|Recruitments in Poland and 22 countries

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The ability to find most talented managers requires:

  • wide business knowledge,
  • well experienced consultants,
  • active contact network,
  • high level of discretion and responsibility.

This is our “NAJ” key to success in any recruitment/executive search projects. Our goal is to select true talent who will provide a reliable, long-lasting source of the competitive advantage. Since 1991 we have developed verified direct search methods which we use in our c- level and all other recruitment projects:

  • Brief/In-depth recruitment needs identification
  • Search strategy/Developing search strategies
  • Direct search/Effective search for the best candidates
  • Face to face interview/competency interview
  • Assessment/competency evaluation
  • Checking references/reliable reference check
  • Final negotiations /assisting in the final negotiations

We are recruiting in the whole of Poland. Our consultants work for clients from, among others, such cities as: Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Kraków, Katowice,Wroclaw, Gdansk, Lublin, Olsztyn.