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#Coaching Individual and Team Coaching

#Coaching Individual and Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is an effective solution for people in organisations when:

  • Project’s success depends on the cooperation of teams.
  • A team does not want to get to the higher level of cooperation and effectiveness.
  • Relations within a team need improving.
  • A team wants to improve relations with another part of the organisation.
  • Professional burnout is evident.
  • A team went through hard time.


Individual coaching

BUSINESS COACHING – support for managers in business development.

Goal of the coaching process is to assist the manager in his business challenges. A coach experienced in the field of business helps to liberate the inner potential of the customer and to find the best way to reach goals and solve problems.

Thanks to the coaching process, the customers define more precise goals, optimize their activities, expertly delegate tasks, take the right decisions and fully use their natural abilities and talents.

CAREER COACHING – supporting professional development.

We designed career coaching for anybody needing support in the process of decision taking with regard to professional matters. We help the customer to become conscious about new possibilities within the scope of professional development, to use fully his/her potential.  We assist the customer in organizational changes, causing different circumstances and displacements within the company structure.

Such approach translates into the building of self-assurance, and in connection with a specific development plan – pays off in effective actions.

LIFE COACHING – supporting self-development.

The pursuit after carrier, professional and social pressures, as well as fast changes in environment  raise for many people difficult challenges more than once.  A strong need of the present societies becomes the return to balance, a life full of passion, respect of values,  care for health and being attentive towards many other aspects of existence. Our answer for these problems is the offer within the scope of  life coaching, designed for individual customers. Our goal is to assist the customer in defining the goals for life, creating a vision of the future and searching the way to inner balance.