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Energy | Gas | Green Energy

The development in the energy sector in Poland is creating interesting opportunities for the market participants. This is a direct result of the investment plans to build or modernize energy blocks by the largest power concerns. Important is was a dynamic development in the renewable energy sector. There has been an increase in the number of biomass burning installations. Therefore, a great number of experts and managers are required in this market.

We have been collaborating with companies operating in the energy industry for almost 20 years. We have seen international power concerns and companies with Polish capital grow, helping them recruit highly qualified engineers and managers. We run projects for companies operating in the electric, wind and renewable energy sectors as well as engineering firms which provide services in this area. Most wanted specialists in this industry should be have excellent project management and language skills. We know the market and its participants perfectly well, we understand its peculiarities with the result that we are very effective. We believe that quality and keeping deadlines are most important for us and our Clients and Executive Search projects.

Selected references:

  • General Manager (energy)
  • Managing Director
  • CEO
  • Commercial Director
  • HRD in the energy industry
  • Raw Material Manager for a biomass power station
  • Finance Director/Member of the Board
  • Sales & Administration Director
  • Purchasing & Administration Director
  • IT Director
  • Head of Energy Division
  • Regional Communication Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Managers
  • Investment Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Communication Specialist
  • Gas Transmission Specialist
  • Senior Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Marketing Advisor
  • Finance Analyst
  • Executive Assistant