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Redpill Consulting

Redpill Consulting

We are pleased to announce that NAJ International Executive Search has started a partnership with Redpill Consulting. Thanks to this cooperation we will be able to help our clients in issues related to, for example, human resources crisismanagement, as well as decisions on how to get out of the crisis. All activities within the framework of our cooperation will be provided to companies completely online.

Key areas of focus

  • Changing organizational culture
  • Employee engagement solutions
  • Crisis leadership
  • Evaluation of candidate culture fit
  • Leadership & execution of strategy
  • Developing individual competence


as organizations expand internationally, the biggest challenge they will face is successful execution of strategy due to the increasingly complex cultural environment their business operates in. An organization’s ability to create a culture that supports their strategy will largely depend on its ability to attract and develop leaders who are culturally aligned and committed for the long-term.