How has COVID-19 impacted the employee benefits package? -

How has COVID-19 impacted the employee benefits package?

How has COVID-19 impacted the employee benefits package?

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizationsare facing drastic changes. Not only with respect tothe workplace. The imminent handling of digital tools,or the development of new skills, but also theimportance of having a benefits package related tochanges the home office has imposed us.

From the Latin American point of view (Mexico), thereview and redesign of benefits packages are quiteimportant because some of them will cease to beattractive in a distance work scheme.

For example, food service (when it is no longer necessary to have meals at the office). Or a company car (which has been parked in the garage for months) and also parking space,which at this moment are not benefits that make the difference when negotiating aposition.In my opinion, these are some benefits that will become more important for workers whenworking remotely:

  • Having unlimited internet service and telephone/cell line (paid by the company).
  • Providing office supplies, such as office chair, desk etc. (paid by the company).
  • Online psychological support for the employee and his/her family.
  • Online educational support for school-aged children.
  • Flexibility in working hours, and also in some cases, when commuting to the office.
  • Trainingof using digital tools to do the job (Zoom, Teams, etc.).
  • Family Medical Expense Insurance with broad coverage.
  • Private transportation service when employees must go to the office in order to avoidpublic transportation (paid by the company).

Therefore, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s time for HR departments to innovate strategies. To design alternative benefits packages (align with the new cost adjustment policies their company decided to implement) considering the professional and personal needs their workers have in this new reality.